Jackdaws in the garden

Managed to catch the Jackdaws in my garden yesterday.
Jackdaws are highly intelligent which makes up for their position as the smallest member of the crow family. They are easily identified by their pale eyes and the silver colour that’s located by the back of the head and neck. They’re also very sociable with other birds, often forming strong pair bonds with their mate.
INTERESTING FACT – Researchers at Cambridge university carried out a study where they wore two different masks when approaching the Jackdaws nest, where one mask was worn whilst entering the nest to weigh the chicks, the other was worn as a ‘non-threat’ and stayed away from the nest. They found that the Jackdaws could distinguish between the two masks, responding defensively towards the mask that had entered the nest. Dr Davidson who carried out the study said “the fact that they learn to recognise individual facial features or hair patterns so quickly, and to a lesser extent which direction people are looking in, provides great evidence of the flexible cognitive abilities of these birds.”



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