Elegant defence

Butterflies are always a favourite to see wherever you are in the summer. Their elegance when in flight is enough to put you in a daydream, watching them go from flower to flower. One of the most stunning butterflies (in my opinion) is the Peacock Butterfly as pictured. It gets it’s name from the colourful spots on its wings which resemble the eyes on a peacocks tail feathers. This magnificent display of colour consists of vibrant blues and purples intertwining within a network of oranges and browns. They evolved these markings to confuse predators, deterring the threat elsewhere.
INTERESTING FACT: Apart from having spots on their wings which deter threats from insect-eating birds, these butterflies also produce a clicking sound which is made by rubbing their wings together. In 1976 two researchers (Mohl and Miller) found that these clicks were enough to cause a startle reaction in a crawling bat (as these use echolocation to hunt for prey), ultimately confusing the bat and able to fly off!11864854_10152950940601447_7731831184881921554_o

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