The Dragon in the sky

When i was growing up, we were lucky enough to have a large garden. It was packed with giant conifers, colourful flowers, thick shrubs and a pond. I was out in the garden nearly every day looking for animals. There’s no doubt this is where my passion for wildlife and the outdoors stemmed from. Summer was without a doubt my favourite period because it brought in such a diverse range of animals. However there was one insect which fascinated me the most and i never got chance to actually get up close to one, which made them even more alluring to me. It was the dragonfly.
These giant invertebrates of the sky stopped me in my tracks every time. I still get that adrenaline rush feeling every time i see them, and when i went to Anglesey 2 years ago, I finally got up close to one and managed to snap a picture (as seen below). We were walking through a forest and i had my camera, ready to take a picture of anything that moved. I spotted a HUGE dragonfly! I tried, and tried, and tried to get a picture but it was too far away and kept flying around (impossible). so after 10 minutes of trying, I decided to have a break next to a tree and it flew off down the path. I was standing next to this tree for only 30 seconds when the dragonfly came back and landed on the trunk, right in front of me within an arms length….I couldn’t believe it. I slowly lifted my camera and held my breath, only to finally take a picture of the Insect which fascinated me as a child and still does.



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