World wildlife day

Today is world wildlife day so I wanted to share my thoughts on a subject which captivates me.

I think it’s vital that we don’t lose touch with wildlife and the outdoors. Nowadays we spend more and more time on our phones, watching TV, playing computer games and generally spend more time inside the house. With technological advances making things easier and better, we expect everything to come to us, and expect it to be good! I’m not saying we should spend all our time outside (because I don’t either), but one thing I do know is that, as a species, we’ve definitely lost that ‘adventurer’ in us.

Wildlife is literally all around us. It’s in the air, in the sea, in the garden, even in your house. So why not embrace it and learn to love it? Genetically, I think we all have a fascination with animals and the weird and wonderful world of nature. It’s in our blood.

So if you find yourself bored at home, why not take a walk through a park and see the squirrels, why not walk through a forest and enjoy the birds calls. The beauty is, it’s there all the time for a price if nothing. But if we take our flora and fauna for granted, like we have been doing (me included), we will lose some of the rarest species on the planet. All because of our ignorance. But as the most advanced species on this earth, we should know better than that.

Let’s help wildlife to thrive and get more involved with it, because essentially, it’s mine, yours, your kids, and your grandkids.

We’ve been given a chance on this earth, so let’s give them one.


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