Natural weavers

As well as studying full time at university, I also work for a conservation company which covers a broad range of jobs such as newt fencing, hedge laying, pond building, ground clearing and vegetation management. Whilst carrying out these jobs you are most likely to come across all sorts of wildlife, some more unexpected than others. But sometimes you will come across the most simplest forms of nature which fascinate you just the same, which is what happened last Wednesday.

we had to go and cut back Typha in two ponds which were located next to a canal. Typha is an invasive species which grows excessively in shallow ponds and makes it hard for other plants to thrive, causing an imbalance in the ponds natural ecosystem. Therefore the Typha must be cut back at the surface to allow species to grow.

Whilst my colleague was cutting he came across a nest with 6 eggs in it! We stopped the cutting and made sure everything was ok and it was all still intact, which thankfully it was. On closer inspection of the nest we could see that it had been made by Typha being weaved in and out of the stalks, just like a human would weave a wicker basket. It was sturdy and rigid. The nest belonged to a Moorhen which was at the side of the pond, so we quickly finished off the Typha and left so she could get back to looking after her eggs. It was incredible to see such a complex structure from such a small animal. It just goes to show that no matter how big or small an animal is, their intelligence should never be taken for granted


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