Spring time in the woods

Spring is an incredible season to witness outdoors, it’s my favourite time of the year for many reasons. days become longer, the weather starts getting warmer, and crucially, wildlife starts flourishing after the harsh winter weather.

A palette of greens begin to paint the landscape, bursting with colour which was previously dull and lifeless. River banks become a bed of greens, blues and whites, tingling the senses of wild garlic. Birds start calling out intricate melodies towards near potential mates, flashing various colours as they go by. Meadows sprout a multi-coloured mass of wildflowers, providing the perfect home for natures micro world.


All of these signs lead to the event which is vital for all living organisms throughout the world……..the rebirth of nature.

There is no better feeling when you’re outdoors, seeing fledglings, ducklings and other newly born animals taking their first steps in life. A sign of a healthy ecosystem, brimming with plentiful food and a safe home.

When we spotted a little blue tit chick in a nest box, i couldn’t pass by without taking a load of photographs! Watching the parents work tirelessly to provide food for the chicks was inspiring.


The little chick kept sitting at the entrance and we were hoping it was going to fledge right in front of us. Unfortunately it didn’t but i’m sure it did the next day. We were just incredibly lucky to see such an important time of year for these incredible birds.

At times, nature can be frightening, destructive, and life changing, but it’s the small things that make a difference to the world.




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